Logan-Holl Foundation
More requests for funding are received than funds are available. Your donation will help launch many more worthy projects in Logan and Hocking County.

About Us

Barton A. Holl, Industrialist and Community Leader, founded the Logan-Holl Foundation in 1968 with $80,000 of his own money. He also gave significant amounts to the Foundation for many years.

Prior to Logan-Holl's formation, Mr. Holl wrote personal checks for such things as the payroll at Logan's new hospital when it struggled in the beginning. He wanted to design a Foundation so that his altruistic endeavors could continue when he was no longer able to give. He died in 1979 at the age of 86. As he desired, the Logan-Holl Foundation continues his legacy of funding projects that benefit the people of Logan and Hocking County.

The Founding Trustees, consisting of family members and other forward-minded community leaders, were appointed to the Foundation. Over the years, the trustees have changed, but the Foundation has remained strong with over $1 million dollars having been granted to numerous worthy projects. Notable donations were to the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, land for a new middle school, the Hocking County Historical Society, and the Logan-Hocking District Library. Scholarships are granted every year to several graduating seniors of Logan High School.

Our current Trustees are:
Jacob Hill, President
An Edward Jones CFP and a member of the Hocking Valley Community Hospital
Board of Directors.

Mary Holl, Vice President
Master Gardener, a Patron of the Arts, and the widow of Former Trustee Richard H. Holl.

Rudy Brandt, Secretary-Treasurer
President and Secretary-Treasurer of Logan Clay Products LLC, President of Sawmiller LLC,
and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Ohio Forestry Association.

Dick Brandt
Chairman of Logan Clay Products LLC.

Amy Black
Family Nurse Practitioner at Hopewell Health Center in Logan, and a member of the
HVCH Board of Directors..

Dr. Doug Carr
Logan family physician at Hopewell Health Centers.

Carol Mackey

Managing Member, Broker and Attorney at CMC Real Estate Group based in Logan's

historic town center.

Melinda Radabaugh
Educator and granddaughter of Former Trustee Barton S. Holl.

Stephanie Brandt Taddeo
Great-granddaughter of Barton A. Holl and a social worker. Director of Operations for Wexner Hospice and Home Care at Wexner Heritage Village in Columbus.

Paula Tucker
Former Mayor of Logan, a retired teacher, and a member of the Hocking College
Board of Trustees.

Logan High School Student Trustees
Caitlyn Myers, Voting
Emma Schluep, Alternate