Logan-Holl Foundation
More requests for funding are received than funds are available. Your donation will help launch many more worthy projects in Logan and Hocking County.

Grants for projects benefiting the City of Logan

and Hocking County, Ohio

"Money is only as good as the good it can do," was the motto of Industrialist and Community Leader, Barton A. Holl, the Founder of the Logan-Holl Foundation.

As a result of his leadership and foresight, the Foundation has contributed to such projects as the Hocking Valley Community Hospital, the Hocking County Historical Society and Museum, tourism, United Way, Girl and Boy Scouts, the Logan-Hocking District Library, senior citizens, food for the needy, children's projects, and recreation, as well as scholarships for local students through the Minnie Bowen Fund and Brighten Your Future.

The Trustees meet twice a year in June and December. Deadlines for submitting applications for grants are June 1 and December 1.